The iCarly Reboot trailer has just been released!

scandal 02/06/2021

The iCarly trailer has just been released and we are so excited for the upcoming series! All of our old favourites are back including Carly, Freddie, Spencer, Neville and of course Freddies’ overbearing mum.

This new series will be focusing on Carly and her friends navigating family, love and work while being in their 20’s. When we left iCarly she announced that the show was taking a break but it looks like we’ll be meeting back with the crew when they’re starting the show back up again!

Sadly we won’t be seeing Jenette Mccurdy reprise her role as Sam as she quit acting for her mental health. Luckily Carly has a new best friend Millicent who in the trailer is shown to set Carly up with a potential love interest! 

The trailer makes this show seem promising so fingers crossed that the iCarly reboot is available to us in New Zealand. Three episodes will be released on June 17th which is almost two weeks away! You can watch the trailer down below.