Subway's Cheesy Garlic Bread is back just in time for winter

trending 09/06/2021

Subway's just announed that their Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread is back!

You can now upgrade your sub to ‘ultimate’ for just $1 for any Subway 6-Inch and $2 for any Subway Footlong. They've also dropped a new chicken and pepperoni sub.

Subway New Zealand Head of Marketing Rodica Titeica said the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread has always been one of the most popular requests.

“During the colder months everyone is looking for warm, indulgent flavours and Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread provides just the right amount of comfort and flavour to satisfy that craving,” Ms Titeica said.

“The Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Sub is a feast for the senses and unlike anything else on our menu – freshly-baked bread is loaded up with mozzarella cheese and infused with garlic, before having your favourite fillings added.

The Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Sub is now available at restaurants nationwide.

So get amongst the cheesy goodness fam!