Why you shouldn't feel guilty about storing red wine in the fridge

trending 22/06/2021

Have you been storing your red wine wrong this whole time?

Turns out - you can pop it in the fridge after all. Here are some myths about red vino that can finally be debuked. Because who doesn't love a mid-winter tipple? 

Red wine tastes better at room temperature

Hold up! Put that bottle of pinot back where it rightfully belongs: in the fridge. The fact is, room temps in NZ are way too warm to be left on the shelf.

Red wines are more refreshing, drinkable and delicious with a slight chill. So move the tomato sauce over to make way for a cheeky bottle of pinot.

Perhaps Leftfield’s Wholeberry Pinot Noir with its pink bubble gum flavours and hints of cinnamon. Simply delish.

Each type of wine needs its own glass

Yeah nah. If you fancy sipping champagne from a cocktail glass or sav from a flute then go right ahead hon – vino is vino no matter what you drink it out of. No matter how you drink it - don’t be put off if  the "correct stemware" isn’t at the ready.

Older wines way better than new ones

While some wines are made to age well, most on the market don’t and can actually get worse as they get older. Crack it open early instead of saving it for later because you don't want to end up eventually pouring it down the drain. What a waste.

So consider these myths busted.

You do you boo. Enjoy a cheeky winter tipple your way.