People Are Putting Ice Cubes In Their Vagina In Bizarre TikTok Trend

trending 30/06/2021

Video sharing app TikTok has been the source of some brilliant… and some not so brilliant ideas – much like the brand new trend that sees users inserting ice cubes into their vaginas to make them “tighter.”

According to TikTok science – NOT REAL SCIENCE - inserting an ice cube into your vagina has several (questionable) benefits – including making your vagina tighter, freezing off warts and even curing depression and anxiety. It also, apparently, just feels pretty nice.

Now gynaecologists are jumping on the app to set some records straight about the trend.

Among them is Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, who explains in a video that the majority of claims about the effects of ice on the vagina are untrue and asks participants to  “stop and think before we do crazy stuff.”

Lincoln also warned Buzzfeed about the potential for injury that might come with the viral trend: “It can stick to the delicate skin of the vagina. It can cause an ice burn, and once the ice cube is actually removed, it can cause injury.”

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln wasn’t the only one to warn users about the possible adverse effects – Dr Staci Tanouye made her own video warning users about the potential infections the trend could lead to.

Tanouye warns “It will not help with infections, and could potentially put you at risk for even more.” 

We think it’s safe to assume that you shouldn’t be putting anything in your vagina that isn’t meant to be there – especially not an ice cube. Make a drink instead!