Ed Sheeran’s New Single 'Bad Habits' Is Finally Here

scandal 25/06/2021

Sporting a pink-suit, vampire fangs and glitter eyeliner – Ed Sheeran is back with his brand new single and supporting music video, ‘Bad Habits.’

This release is the first this year for the singer-songwriter, and in an interview prior to its release he revealed that the track was “really different,” - and after hearing it we’re inclined to agree!

Sheeran’s new musical direction will also see him take to the stage with a full band for the first time. “I’ve done the loop pedal thing now for fifteen years, ten years professionally, and the last tour that I did… the most people of any tour went to that tour. So I’m kind of like I’ve done that, I’ve done the loop pedal show I need to do something different,” He told BBC Radio last month.

Tune in to The Edge on Monday, 28 th June at 8am for an exclusive Ed Sheeran interview with Dom, Meg and Randell!

You can check out the hot new single along with the music video above or listen on Spotify below:

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