INTERVIEW: Lorde on her new album "you'll get it in the next Season"

scandal 11/06/2021

Nearly four years after the release of 'Melodrama', Lorde's back with a brand new single 'Solar Power'.

Not only was the song released as a surprise for all of Lorde's fans this week, but Sharyn and Jayden also recieved a surprise phonecall from the singer this afternoon to talk about all things 'Solar Power'. 

Have you had this song in the back pocket for awhile or have you just recorded it recently?

"We wrote the song in American Summer 2019, this time two years ago so it's been in the back pocket.

We were working away on the album but it ended up taking a bit longer than we thought because of Covid. Jack [Antonoff], my collaborator and I, weren't able to be in the same place for a solid six months so, we kind of got everything together and nows the right time."

Speaking of the new album, when are we expecting that one to be gracing the world?

"Well I cannot give you too much detail right now, but I will say... you'll get it in the next season.It's finished, it's amazing, and it's coming."

Have you done the whole album with Jack Antonoff? or will we see you reuniting with Joel Little again? or, do you work with different people?

"Jack and I did nearly the whole album together. We also had our friend Malay come through. He is a big collaborator with Frank Ocean, so it was sort of the three of us.

I Didn't work with Joel this time but I went and played Joel the whole album and he was very nice about it and said very nice things."

Is the album going to take the same direction as Solar Power?

"I would say it's a really good encapsulation of that side of the album but, as with me, there's always the heavy songs, the deep introspective songs. There's many flavours to the last few years for me so this is one of those flavours."

As well as releasing the single, Lorde also dropped the music video for 'Solar Power' shot on a NZ beach, amazingly, all in one shot.

"It was all one shot and it was so difficult. Everything had to go perfectly for us to get that shot working. We must've done it 10 or 12 times I reckon, the weather had to  perfect, it all had to come together.

I've got a whole bunch of my friend's in the video, my little brother is in the video."

When asked about where the beach was in NZ, Lorde said she wanted it to be kept a secret so it doesn't get destroyed but said what ever your favourite beach is, just picture that that's the one we were at.

Have you been surprised that people have tried to recreate your album art for 'Solar Power'?

"I love it so much, I'm not on the internet really so I miss a lot of this stuff."

Well, luckily for Lorde, because she's not on the internet, she didn't have to see Jayden's recreation of the picture (but... if you want to, you can check it out here).

Watch the full interview above and listen to 'Solar Power' below: