IKEA Heading To New Zealand In ‘Three To Four Months’

trending 16/06/2021

Swedish furniture and home accessories store IKEA have been planning to open stores on New Zealand shores for some time now, and a top IKEA executive has just revealed that it’s coming sooner than we think!

In 2019, the furniture company said that the chain would be coming to Auckland in “the next few years,” while an online service would become available country-wide before stores expanded to the South Island. Speaking to the Australian Financial Review last week, the head of IKEA Australia, Jan Gardberg, said that the push of stores into New Zealand is already happening.

“We don’t have one single IKEA store there yet, we are leading that expansion from here,” he explained. “We are on the way there in the next three to four months. We already have the locations, the strategy, who we are doing the deals with, and so on.”

“We’re really looking forward to bringing the full IKEA experience in New Zealand, working in partnership with the local community to make IKEA a part of Kiwis’ life at home, starting with Auckland,” the company’ global chief executive, Jesper Brodin, said in 2019.

Are you as excited about furniture and home accessories as we are? We just hope they bring the iconic IKEA café with it.