Harry Styles files trademark for his own cosmetic and fragrance line

scandal 02/06/2021

Could 'Watermelon Sugar' be the next new best selling fragrance? Harry Styles has filed paperwork to begin "wholesale of perfume and cosmetics" and has listed himself as the Director of this potential new company.

Technically this isn’t his first rodeo in creating a fragrance as One Direction launched their fragrance ‘Our Moment’ back in 2013 which was named after their song ‘Moments’. They followed with four other fragrances before the band announced their end. The fragrances they released were sweet, fruity and floral so we wouldn’t be too surprised if Harry created a fragrance with similar notes!

Since going solo Harry Styles has been known to be a fashion icon and rumour has it that he wears Tom Ford’s Tabacco Vanille. We hope that his cosmetic line is a range of nail polishes as the star has been seen rocking the trend lately. Looks like it’s time to start saving for when his collection is released!