Apple’s new update will let you watch movies on FaceTime

trending 09/06/2021

Apple just announced iOS 15 - including a brand new feature for FaceTime.

In the new iOS you can watch movies with your mates via FaceTime, and it’ll sync up your movie while auto-adjusting the volume depending on if you’re speaking.

How good?! Gone are the days of pressing play at the same time and having to hear your mate's super delayed audio in the background.

The new update also lets you listen to music via FaceTime too!

You’ll also be able to share screens with your mates, have a grid view for group calls, have voice isolation, and schedule calls via a weblink - pretty much like a Zoom call.

There’s so much more coming to the new iOS – updated forms of using Maps, Memoji outfits, and a whole bunch of different AIs that will blow your mind.

Check out all the new features coming to iOS 15 here.