Whittakers new flavour Hokey Pokey Crunch looks amazing

trending 20/05/2021

Whittakers announced today on Facebook their latest creation, Hokey Pokey Crunch and our mouths are watering!

Deliciously brittle honeycomb pieces, covered in our super smooth 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk.

The new chocolate will be available in a 250g block, a 50g slab and their mini-slabs in a 12 pack. Prefer a bit of baking? Whittakers provided two delicious looking recipes for anyone to try at home with the new chocolate! A hokey pokey crunch slice and a hokey pokey ice cream shell. Yum!

Hokey Pokey Crunch will be in store from Monday and you bet we'll be trying this one out! Could this be our new favourite chocolate?