We NEED This Jelly Shot Jenga Set – And So Do You

scandal 20/05/2021

Need something to spice up your get-togethers? Well do we have the solution for you!

An Etsy seller has invented something we didn’t even know we needed, and we are adding it to our carts IMMEDIATELY. Brian Calteaux has been making and selling giant Jenga sets online and these aren’t just your regular ol’ games of Jenga – 15 of the pieces have hidden slots where Jelly shots can be situated inside.

During play, if you pull one of those pieces, you have to down the shot immediately.

The Jenga Set comes with 25 Jelly shot cups with lids to avoid any spillage or mess.

As the maker pointed out, this is PERFECT for literally any occasion – birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette get-togethers, barbeques and you can even whip it out on the front lawn when your mates are round for drinks.