WATCH: The second 'Stranger Things' season 4 trailer is here

scandal 10/05/2021

It's nearly been two whole years since the last season of 'Stranger Things' came out, and fans are ITCHING for the fourth season to drop (including us).

The first trailer for the upcoming season came out last year, which revealed that our beloved Hopper is still alive.

Now, the second trailer has dropped, set inside the Rainbow Room at Hawkins National Laboratory, run by Dr. Martin Brenner. At the end of the teaser, it shows a door with the number 11 on it. Dr. Brenner can be heard saying, "Eleven, are you listening?"

We've heard so much about the upcoming season - apparently it's meant to be the "best yet", and photos of the cast have even been snapped on set. 

Plus, a twitter thread was posted at the end of last year revealing photos and descriptions of each character that we'll see in the new season.

That's pretty much all we know so far. Netflix still hasn't given us a release date, so all we can do now is hope that it's coming out soon!