The Easiest (And Healthiest) Giant Nutella Cookie Recipe Has Arrived

trending 24/05/2021

Ange, a nutritionist from The Healthy Diary on Instagram has just shared her very own recipe for Giant Nutella Cookies, and we are SO here for it!

The recipe only requires 4 ingredients, is gluten free, egg-free, dairy free and takes just a few minutes to make! What more could you want?!

Here’s the ingredient list below:

  • ½  banana

  • 1 tbsp Nutella

  • 3 tbsp Rice or Oat flour 

  • 5g Chopped hazelnuts

All you have to do is mash up half a banana in a bowl, mix in your Nutella and add your flour of choice. Roll the mixture into a ball, then press in your chopped hazelnuts and microwave for 90 seconds…

This seems too good to me true, we definitely need to give this a go!