Police pursue pothole penis painter in Auckland

scandal 05/05/2021

Someone's fed up with potholes - so they've painted green dicks over em.

Geoff Upson's spray painting massive green dicks over potholes around NZ, in an attempt to get local councils to maintain the roads better.

Geoff's a self-proclaimed road safety campaigner who wants to see the many potholes on NZ roads finally covered up. He posts pics and videos of the potholes to his Facebook page:

I drew on the road the first time in 2018 out of frustration,” Geoff told VICE.

He's spent over $400 on spray paint this year alone to tackle the problem.

Geoff does a lot of the spraypainting jobs with his trusty sidekick George, who wears hi-viz with little pockets for the spray cans. How cute!

A spokesperson for Auckland Transport made it clear that they intended to report the “culprit” of the painted dicks to the police.

“I’m disappointed that Auckland Transport has told the media they want to prosecute me when they are still making almost no effort to repair unsafe potholes and undulations on roads I have to drive on a daily basis,” Geoff told VICE.