Pandora Will Only Use Lab-Made Diamonds From Now On

scandal 07/05/2021

Pandora is making the big move from mined diamonds, to lab-made diamonds and we couldn't be more excited about it. 

Mined Diamonds have always been a catch 22. It's what we've all pictured either giving or getting put on out finger when we find our perfect person but it's also an industry questioned for human rights violations, and, with it's carbon emission, the effect it has on global warming.

However more and more retailers are moving to a much more ethical, sustainable, and affordable alternative, lab-made diamonds.

"Diamonds are not only forever, but for everyone," says Pandora Chief Executive Alexander Lacik.

"Pandora jewellery today is much more of an everyday type of jewellery, even though a large proportion of it is gifted. The way the diamond industry has kind of been created to a large degree has been very much about gifting, and in particular around when people get engaged or married."

"We’re trying to open up this playing field and say, you know, with the type of value equation that we offer, you can use this everyday if you want."

Lacik went on to explain how reducing their environmental impact was a big factor in the change.

"Whether consumers are buying more or less today, right now is actually not the key driver.

We want to become a low-carbon business. I have four children, I’m leaving this earth one day, I hope I can leave it in a better shape than maybe what we’ve kind of created in the last 50 years or so.

It’s the right thing to do."