There are some BIG hints that Lorde could be coming out with a new album soon

scandal 26/05/2021

It feels like we've been waiting FOREVER for Lorde to release new music, and some massive clues have just been dropped hinting that the wait could nearly be over.

Lorde has been really quiet since dropping her critically acclaimed album 'Melodrama' back in 2017. Apart from a couple of emails to fans here and there and an Instagram story encouraging NZ fans to vote, she's been fairly out of the public eye.

However, she's recently been announced on Barcelona's Primavera Festival's line-up, alongside artists such as Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani, and hundreds more.

The real clue that's getting fans excited is a line written on the festival's website, which states, 

Lorde, who will emerge from her retirement with her third album after her unforgettable visit in 2018

Suuuurely that's confirmation that her album will be dropped before the festival, which is happening in June next year. 

Lorde's fans have gone wild since this speculation, check out some of the reactions below!