Kourtney Kardashian Tattoo’s Recent Boyfriend Travis Barker

scandal 14/05/2021

Kourtney Kardashian has now left a permanent mark on boyfriend Travis Barker in the form of a tattoo, despite the couple having only been together for a total of four months.

The reality TV-star (who we don’t believe is a tattoo artist,) gave her man some ink by tattooing “I love you” in cursive on his right arm.

“Woman of many talents,” Barker mused in the comments of his partners post, but this isn’t the only ink he’s got that relates to the Kardashian. The drummer of blink-182 already made his love permanent last month when he got her name tattooed on his chest in script, as pictured below.

We wonder if Kourtney will return the favor by getting a tattoo to match?