James Charles’ Ex-Employee Speaks Out About Lawsuit

scandal 18/05/2021

Beauty influencer James Charles has recently been facing controversary surrounding allegations of inappropriate behaviour with minors. Now, A former employee is suing him over claims of wrongful termination and non-payment. She spoke to entertainment sources about the events that led up to the lawsuit.

Kelly Rocklein was James Charles’ former producer and creative director and has filed a lawsuit against the creator as she alleges that the YouTube star would make unreasonable requests (such as asking her to shave his behind), unfairly dismissed her and didn’t pay her for copious amounts of overtime.

“Imagine having to go over and essentially pick James up and out of bed, tell him to brush his teeth, tell him ‘OK, what do you want to eat? OK, someone is coming to do your laundry. OK, I’m going to get your laundry, I guess. OK, time to start filming – you don’t want to film – well we both know you have to. So please let’s think about it.” Rocklein recounted her experience.

In her lawsuit, Rocklein is also claiming that James Charles terminated her contract after she was medically signed off work. She says despite texting her being seemingly supportive, he later called and asked for a face-to-face meeting and “callously informed her that she was being terminated due to poor performance.”

Kelly also told sources that this was an opportunity for her to set an example, “if you’re a content creator and you want to hire someone, you need to make sure that you’re doing your part and being a decent human being and taking care of your people.”

James Charles has actively denied the allegations and shared a video to Twitter on May 11th, branding them “absolutely ridiculous, absurd, untrue, defamatory, just the craziest things you could ever imagine.”

Adding that, “my team is like family to me… I stand behind the fact that they are very, very well taken care of.”