Ed Sheeran Is Teasing That His Upcoming Single Is “Really Different”

scandal 31/05/2021

Singer-Songwriter Ed Sheeran spoke in a recent interview with the BBC about a new single that he’s been sitting on during the pandemic, adding that it will usher in his new era as a musician. Sheeran revealed that the “really different” new single was meant to be out by now - in time for his appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

“My first single was meant to be ready for now, and I was meant to be playing it at One Big Weekend,” He told Jordan North of Radio 1 last week, “So it does feel a bit weird playing – starting with Castle On The Hill instead of the new tune, but, it’s great, I’m using a band for the first time, and it feels like the next stage.”

Ed Sheeran’s performance at One Big Weekend on May 29th saw him take to the stage with a full band for the first time, “I’ve done the loop pedal thing now for fifteen years, ten years professionally, and the last tour that I did… the most people of any tour went to that tour. So I’m kind of like I’ve done that, I’ve done the loop pedal show I need to do something different.”

Sheeran added that he’s been making a lot of songs and that his upcoming album will be “an amalgamation” of its predecessors: “The first single is really different – like really, really different.”

As for the question of a new album, Ed Sheeran answers: “Yeah, yeah, the new album is coming.”

We’re nervous and excited for what’s to come and to learn what ‘really, really different’ means for someone like Ed Sheeran.

You can watch his full-band performance of ‘Castle On The Hill’ from One Big Weekend at the link below: