Drag Race Down Under: Week Two Power Rankings

scandal 10/05/2021

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Did you get a chance to watch this week’s episode of RuPaul Drag Race Down Under?

Unfortunately, we did; It’s a miracle that we lived through the second-hand embarrassment to tell the tale. Despite only being on episode 2 of the series, New Zealand and Australia have somehow taken the title of performing the most rotten Snatch-Game in Drag Race herstory – It’s no surprise that at the end of the game, RuPaul declares last week’s eliminated queen Jojo Zaho as the winner for not having to be around to endure it.

9.  Art Simone

This week we got to witness Art Simone’s supervillain origin story as she was prematurely eliminated from the competition. Art may have made some questionable decisions this week, the main one being to act as Bindi Irwin in the snatch game. Although Bindi is an Australian icon we imagine it would be quite hard to make her funny. Either way, Art’s performance of Bindi was far from being the worst of the evening – and her ‘Sea-Sickening’ look absolutely slayed the runway later in the episode. Ripped off, Disrespected and ROBBED are all words we would use to describe this week’s elimination.

8. Coco Jumbo

Once again, Coco Jumbo has ended up amongst the lower ranking queens this week. Her performance of Lizzo in Snatch Game was a bold move, which frankly, didn’t pay off in the slightest. Her weak performance and admittedly boring runway look placed her in the bottom two, where she lip-synced for her life against Art Simone and came out on top.

We are hoping that this might give Coco Jumbo an inspirational ‘kick up the ass,’ but it’s even more likely that beating Art Simone, one of the most feared queens in the competition, might have gone straight to her head.

7. Elektra Shock

We hate to put one of our New Zealand queens this far down in the power rankings, but it had to be done. Elektra’s Snatch Game performance of Catherine O’Hara was just… not good. It’s not uncommon for participants in the game to over-exaggerate their characters but Elektra might have gone too far; If it weren’t for the name tag Infront of her you would struggle to decipher who she was actually portraying. Her ‘Sea-Sickening’ look this week was equally disappointing when presented up against of the Art Simones and Anita Wiglets of the runway.

6. Etcetera Etcetera

Etcetera Etcetera took a risk and chose to act as Lindy Chamberlain in this week’s Snatch Game, and it was everything you might’ve expected – which isn’t a good thing.

It goes without saying that there would be difficulties making a woman who lost her child and was wrongly convicted of the murder comedic, but tragedy has been made funny before by previous Drag Race contestants; Unfortunately for Etcetera, she wasn’t one of them.

5. Karen from Finance

Karen from Finance despite being last week’s winner, made one of the CLASSIC Snatch-Game errors today by choosing to act as Global Superstar Dolly Parton. We’ve seen queens in previous seasons fail time and time again when they decide to perform people who are so well-loved and well-known that it becomes difficult to impress people with an amateur impersonation. When Karen excitedly spoke “Dolly Parton is an icon and no-one has ever done her on Drag Race before,” We were surprised she didn’t wonder WHY that might be.

Her runway look however, was highly impressive and showcased her great ability to combine comedy with editorial fashion.

4. Scarlet Adams

Scarlet originally came prepared to perform Bindi Irwin but decided to settle on her

Plan-B - Jennifer Coolidge - after a mildly threatening argument with Art Simone took place in the Werkroom. Despite nailing the actors ditsy and breathy tone of voice, Scarlet looked absolutely nothing like Jennifer – which the judges didn’t hesitate to point out later on in the episode. Her runway look was definitely one of the strongest of the week and was a beautiful tribute to the highly endangered Great Barrier Reef.

Scarlet Adams also became eligible for the title of ‘Most Delusional Queen’ when she declared “I felt like that was one of the strongest Snatch Games that has ever been on Drag Race.”

3. Maxi Shield

Please don’t confuse us for enjoying Maxi Shield’s performance this week by placing her at number 3, we were just running out of options! Maxi did provide a decently accurate impression of Magda Szubanski, famously known for her portrayal of Sharon in Kath & Kim, but it just lacked the hilarity that we expected from an impersonation of Szubanski.

Maxi’s runway look, much like last week, paled in comparison to her competition.

Her dress gave us more old-lady getting dressed up for a Friday night at the rest-home than mother of pearl.

2. Kita Mean

Kita Mean made some serious CHOICES when she decided to take on the role of Dr Suess for Snatch Game. Although she didn’t particularly succeed, Kita got some solid rhymes in there and we applaud her for bombing a lot less than the other queens in this episode.

When it comes to the runway, Kita Mean ALWAYS understands the assignment.

Her Ursula inspired outfit was as camp as it was fashionable – Can we borrow that headpiece!?

1. Anita Wiglet

Finally, the only contestant who actually made anyone laugh (and not from embarrassment) in this week’s Snatch Game. Anita’s impersonation of Queen Elizabeth II was on point – and she had no qualms when it came to making jokes at the Royal Family’s expense.  Her runway look was just as polished, marking her as a key competitor in this competition going forward.

RuPaul declared Anita Wiglet the “Hands-down winner of this challenge,” and we couldn’t agree more.