Drag Race Down Under: Week One Power Rankings

trending 03/05/2021

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Did you get a chance to tune into the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under this weekend? We certainly did, and we are LOVING the queens so far. They’re mean, glamourous, and certainly possess their own interpretations of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

This week’s runway required the queens to present two-looks, ‘Born-Naked,’ and ‘No Place Like Home.’ Based on these appearances, as well as their confessionals and entrance looks, we’ve ranked this season's Queens based on who we think holds the power to take the whole damn thing out.

10. JoJo Zaho

We are loving the First Nation representation that JoJo Zaho brings to the WerkRoom. Despite representing important messages, both of her runway looks were missing the precision and detail that’s expected on the RuPaul Stage. RuPaul described her looks as ‘unfinished,’ which ultimately led to her departure from the show. We loved your message JoJo, keep letting your Faboriginality shine!

9. Elektra Shock

Despite Elektra’s hilarious efforts in the mini challenge, she’s admittedly the least-polished queen on the season and the other queens didn’t hesitate to point that out. The confessionals about Elektra’s entrance-look got out of hand, with Maxi Shield posing the question “I don’t know who’s more parched, me or her wig?” Elektra Shock’s ‘No Place Like Home’ runway look was overflowing with ideas and certainly would’ve been better had she focused on one of those instead of all of them… Elektra’s skills as a trained dancer saved her from going home this week, as she lip-synced for her life against JoJo Zaho.

8. Maxi Shield

Maxi-Shield had some good moments this episode but despite her 23-years of experience in the drag industry, her entrance look was not IT. Miss Maxi Shield could’ve at least matched her breast-plate to her skin tone, Girl, What were you thinking? She did had a few funny confessional moments but definitely flew under the radar this week. We aren’t too sure if Maxi’s experience in the industry will actually pose a huge threat to the other queens, but we can’t wait to find out!

7. Coco Jumbo

Coco Jumbo was in the bottom three this week, due to the collective dislike for her ‘Born-Naked’ runway look, which to be honest, was a bit of a hot-mess. Luckily for her, the judges loved her ‘No Place Like Home’ fit, which saved her from ending up in the lip-sync. Her entrance look was classy, but honestly? Her overall efforts this week were a little bit boring. So far, we don’t see Coco Jumbo as a front runner for Drag Race Down Under, but we are certainly hoping she’ll change our minds.

6. Etcetera Etcetera

At just 22-years old, Etcetera Etcetera may appear non-threatening, but we definitely think the non-binary queen is one to watch. Strutting into the WerkRoom with a comedy-couture Cockroach costume, we are loving their unique sense of style and artistry. Ectetera Ectetera’s first runway look for the ‘Born-Naked’ category was grotesque, stunning and definitely a fan-favourite. This could just be the under-dog of the season…

5. Scarlet Adams

Offering some of the best confessionals for the first episode, Scarlet Adams is a burlesque performer, pole dancer and costume designer. The Triple-Threat had a bit of a slip up this week when part of her ‘Born-Naked’ runway look tore before her debut. Fortunately, she managed to solve the problem and still look amazing on the stage. Scarlet is definitely one to watch, and we can’t imagine she’d be fun to lip-sync against with a pole-dancing and burlesque career under her belt.

4. Kita Mean

New Zealand queen Kita Mean is the co-owner of Caluzzi cabaret in Auckland along with fellow contestant Anita Wiglet. Donning what was undoubtedly the best and MOST camp entrance look this week, Kita-Mean comes in with a reputation of success and high-level drag which we definitely got to witness this episode. Kita also opens up about struggling with her body-image and her experience getting Gastric-sleeve surgery which makes her ‘Born-Naked’ look even more special.

3. Anita Wiglet

It’s time to Wiggle It! Anita is the self-proclaimed ‘drunk-aunty’ of drag, and we are HERE for it. With her exaggerated facial expressions and huge smile #PeeWeeHermanOfDrag, it’s hard not to love Anita – both in the confessionals and in drag. Anita’s ‘No Place Like Home’ runway look was our personal favourite, and NO, we totally aren’t being biased because she’s a kiwi! We’re super curious to see how her friendship with Kita-Mean affects the season… It could get catty!

2. Karen From Finance

Karen From Finance has definitely solidified herself as this seasons Comedy Queen, with both of her looks being hilariously funny yet polished and professional. “She’s set the bar very high for herself,” added RuPaul during the critiques.

Karen From Finance took away the first win of the season, but she isn’t the first in our power ranks.

1. Art Simone

She was first into the WerkRoom and she’s first on our list this week. Art Simone is the current reigning “Queen of Australia” She has been awarded Drag Performer of the year for the last two years running, so it’s no surprise that she’s one of the most polished queens on the runway this week, and in our opinion, the biggest threat. Every season of Drag-Race has its resident bitch, and Art Simone might just be gunning for that title.

We loved her shady comments in the confessionals, and it’s obvious that she is definitely seen as big competition among the other queens which is why she’s stolen our number one spot in this week’s power ranking.