People are making tiny croissant cereal and it looks delicious

trending 20/05/2021

If we’ve learnt anything from TikTok recently – it’s that you can transform anything into cereal. Following the trend of mini pancakes and mini fresh-toast breakfast alternatives, a new creation has hit the internet.

Tiny croissants are the next dessert turned cereal, and they’re just as cute as they are labour intensive.

Making tiny croissants isn’t as easy as just whipping up a bowl of coco-pops, it requires an eye for detail and sometimes a lot of time. ChefSteps, a culinary company have uploaded their own YouTube tutorial on how to turn the French pastry into a breakfast treat.

Most people are using pre-made croissant dough to mold their mini pastries, then baking them until they’re brown and crispy. ChefSteps claims that the key is in the glaze which is usually some form of a cinnamon or maple syrup, this apparently helps prevent the milk from making your croissants soggy (which we can all agree is the worst part of cereal consumption.)

It’s clear that no food invention is far-fetched anymore, especially not with TikTok around to create crazy combinations and adjustments like this one.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at this recipe, check out the tutorial linked below.