Aussie course will finally teach students how to budget

scandal 18/05/2021

Year 11 and 12 students in New South Wales will finally be taught how to budget in the adult world.

The high school curriculum has long been criticised for not preparing young people with skills that are necessary to function as an adult in life beyond school. The new course is being introduced by the NSW government to help students understand taxes, how to do a budget, keep accounts, analyse contracts and read payslips.

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the numeracy course is aimed at ensuring all students have the necessary support to develop core numeracy and mathematics skills and apply them to everyday life. We feel like this has been a LONG time coming.

The introduction of the course follows the success of a pilot program at 198 schools over the last three years, which found increasing participation in mathematics among pupils.

The numeracy course will be available at all schools in New South Wales from term one next year. We certainly hope that our education sector might take some inspo from this Aussie initiative, because our high schools are in dire need of a curriculum reboot.

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