There's Going To Be A New Tim Tam Flavour, And You Can Choose It

trending 13/04/2021

Did someone say new Tim Tams!?

Arnott’s, the creators behind the marvellous biscuit, have just announced two possible new flavours that may be entering Australian shops soon – and they’re asking the people to vote on which one should hit the shelves!

The two flavour options are… unique, to say the least.

The first is a Dark Chocolate Banoffee combo which features “two crunchy biscuits sandwiched together with a creamy banana flavoured cream and gooey caramel centre, covered in Tim Tam premium indulgent dark chocolate.” Not sure how we feel about that one.

The second may be even more questionable, being a caramelised pineapple flavour, which features “a caramelised pineapple flavoured cream and a gooey caramel centre, covered in our delicious Tim Tam milk chocolate.”

How do you feel about fruit and chocolate combos? We have mixed opinions...

“There’s no denying Tim Tam is Australia’s most loved chocolate biscuit and we have always been passionate about new varieties and flavours,” said Matt Grant, Arnott’s Marketing Manager, in a statement.

Although the flavours are currently only being considered in Australia, we are assuming they might eventually hit New Zealand shelves too – so, if they do, which one would you vote for?