The Top 5 Veggie Fast Food Burgers of New Zealand

trending 12/04/2021

Vegetarian fast-food options seem to be few and far between in New Zealand, so us at The Edge have compiled a list of the five most accessible meat-free options available across kiwi fast-food chains - and how we feel about ‘em. Some of these burgers may not technically be vegetarian, as fast-food chains have a tendency to cook their veggie options on the same grill as their meat burgers (do BETTER!!!).

5. Burger King Rebel Chook

We understand that this is a fan-favourite among meat-free connoisseurs, but it’s safe to say that the vegos at The Edge are NOT fans. The BK Rebel Chook makes a sad attempt at mimicking real chicken meat, but it just doesn’t hit the mark when you can so clearly taste that it’s fake chicken… just get the Whopper.

4. Burger King Salad Burger

The BK Salad Burger could be a front-runner for the title of New Zealand’s OG veggie burger and we do rate it pretty highly besides from the fact that it gets old pretty quickly; we’re yet to meet someone who hasn’t eventually gotten sick of the Onion Rings in place of a patty.

The Burger King Salad Burger certainly does what it says on the tin but fails to go above and beyond, hence its placement at number four.

3. KFC’s Vegetarian Burger

KFC’s contribution to the vegetarian community of New Zealand is massively underrated (probably because their whole brand revolves around fried chicken.) KFC’s Veggie burger uses a crispy hash-brown to replace a traditional patty. We love this burger so much that we are giving KFC the benefit of doubt when it comes to meat cross contamination.

 2. Carl’s Jnr Veggie Burger

This vegetarian option is slightly more expensive than other competitors, but the Carl’s Jnr Veggie Burger is worth every penny. Carl’s Jnr set themselves apart by using a specially made patty filled with kumara, potato, sundried tomato, spinach and all that good stuff.

For $6, the Carl’s Jnr Burger offers the flavour experience of a $15 burger that you could expect at a gourmet restaurant. 

1. Burger King Rebel Whopper

I think everyone saw this one coming. The BK Rebel Whopper is a vegetarian go-to, some even claiming it to be revolutionary when it was first released. The Rebel Whopper is a vegetarian version of Burger King’s famed Whopper burger. This option, despite being plant-based, has a meaty taste which the other options on this list don’t; If you are missing meat, this is your option.

Honourable Mention:

BurgerFuel is on the cusp of fast-food chain/restaurant and we weren’t sure whether or not to include it in our list since it can’t be obtained as easily as our other candidates. 

But if they were more accessible, their vegetarian and vegan burger options may have ended up at the top of our list. BurgerFuel offers two vegetarian options – The V-Twin Vege and the Combustion Tofu Mini Burger, and one Vegan option called the V-8 Vegan. Although these are expensive, they are definitely worth the price if you’re after a vegetarian burger fix.

Are you vegetarian, vegan, or just enjoy a break from meat every now and then? Let us know what your favourite meat-free options are!