Supermarket Worker Urges Customers To Buy One-Day-Old Bread

trending 30/04/2021

A supermarket worker has posted a TikTok video urging customers not to grab the freshest bread from the back of the shelf.

Many people fossick for the longest used by date on products on the supermarket shelves (Guilty as charged!) However, one Woolies worker is begging shoppers not to do that and gives a very good reason why.

Kate Murdock, the staff-member in question, posted a TikTok asking customers to be more considerate when choosing the loaf of bread you buy. “Please don’t mess up the Woolies bread system!” she pleads after explaining that older bread is moved to the front of the shelves and newer loaves to the back – and when this system was messed up by shoppers – it was very frustrating.

Murdock explains that the system is in place so that bread doesn’t get wasted and that when buyers buy the newest loaf it leaves the oldest ones last. “A lot of the time, we end up having to throw them out, so please don’t”

The worker then guaranteed that you will not be able to tell the difference between new bread and bread that’s a day old, “You will not be able to taste or tell the difference, I promise you,” she insisted, adding that “It does make a hell of a difference to our farmers and us.”