Nestle have turned some of their fave treats into bites

trending 07/04/2021

Nestle have turned some of their fave treats into bites!

Now you can nab Nestle's classic Scorched Almonds, Chokito, Allen’s Black Cats and Allen's Raspberries in convenient bite sized share packs.

Scorched Almonds have long been the classic way to say thanks. But with the new Scorched Almonds Bites - it's the perfect excuse to enjoy them every day.

The new range is the perfect on-the-go treat – ready to share with friends and family, because after all, who needs a special occasion to enjoy a favourite in bite-size?!

Nestlé Head of Marketing Fraser Shrimpton is pretty excited about the new range.

“With Scorched Almonds in particular, we’ve always been proud of our place as the go-to-gift, but with this new snackable size, the delicious convenience of a bite-size treat will be too hard to resist for those everyday moments and occasions.”

“We see this new range bringing joy to those moments on-the-go, reminding everyone to take a second to share something sweet with those around them.”

Nestle's new range of Bites are available now in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. So get amongst fam!