Justin Bieber gives us an inside look at his lavish tour bus

scandal 14/04/2021

Justin Bieber has invited us into his tour bus.

He joined JQ Magazine for a tell-all interview and a tour of his lavish tour bus.

“I bought this bus a year ago, and it’s been so good because in quarantine we were able to travel and still stay socially distanced,” Justin explained. “There’s something about being in your own safe, comfortable environment. You feel protected.”

His favourite memory is making mock music videos to Drake’s hits with his mates.

“It was really low-quality, we made it on a flip-cam or something,” Justin said.

“It was a ten-hour bus ride and we made a video to Drake’s song called ‘Find Your Love.’ We had — not real strobe lights — but we had flashlights, and we made this mock music video.” Those were the days.

Justin also showed off his fancy faux fireplace, one of his many closets and his in-bus infrared sauna.

He definitely lives a luxe life on the road.