How to support small businesses without spending anything!

trending 08/04/2021

Perhaps payday isn’t for another week or you just can’t find a way to treat yourself. It’s New Zealand’s first-ever small business day tomorrow so it’s time to show our support! Here's some ways you can help small businesses without spending anything.

1. Don’t just like, react!

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts that look like they start a conversation so take the extra second to give a love heart over the like. It also helps businesses know that you’re enjoying what they post and that’s always a bonus!

2. Comment more than four words.

Say something encouraging about their post or even what you personally like about their products. If you read a comment that absolutely raved about how much another customer liked it, that would entice you to also buy it! You aren’t only helping the small business with the algorithm but helping other people make the decision to shop small.

3. Write a positive review.

There are so many Karens in the world that only have negative things to say about a business. Tomorrow is an opportunity to create some positive changes! A positive review can make a sale especially if they don’t have many reviews.

4. If you have a negative review, talk to the business directly

Good businesses never want their customers walking away unsatisfied. If you communicate to the business that you didn’t enjoy the product or service they have a chance to create a solution for you. You won’t be damaging future business and who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend!

5. Rave about your favourite small businesses!

Repost their posts on your Instagram stories, create your own post or recommend it to your close friends. This is one of the most effective ways to help small businesses out! Sometimes it gets tough finding businesses that suit you, so tell your friends about it because they’ll probably enjoy it just as much as you do!

It is an incredibly tough time to be a small business and although things are looking up, they still need our support. You can easily implement your inner hipster into your everyday life, who doesn’t love saying, 'you’ve probably never heard of it'? By creating simple rules such as only purchasing gifts through small businesses, we can create a big change!

Want to know the best way to support a small business? Shop small regularly!