Domino's just dropped boujee new super gourmet pizza range

trending 27/04/2021

Domino’s have just dropped their most boujee range yet!

Domino’s Super Gourmet is a range of five mouth-watering gourmet pizzas. Featuring slow-cooked beef brisket, crispy Peking duck, vintage cheddar and fresh rocket.

Ooh, la la. It’s Domino’s but not as you know it. 

“Domino’s is known for its quality and value, but we wanted to bring to life a range that introduced our  customers to something truly special,” Domino’s ANZ Chief Executive Officer Nick Knight said. 

“Our team have worked closely with some of the best producers to source amazing ingredients that  really take our pizzas to a whole new level, not only delivering exceptional quality, but also  exceptional value. These are Domino’s pizzas but not as you have seen them before.”

Discover the new range for yourself! Get amongst fam.

Low & Slow BBQ Brisket  

Smokey beef brisket cooked low & slow, aged cheddar, crispy rasher bacon, diced tomato & red  onion, all on a BBQ & garlic sauce base. 

Smoked Brisket Cheese Steak  

Smokey beef brisket, aged cheddar, parmesan, sliced mushroom, capsicum & red onion,  complemented by a crème fraiche base. 

BBQ Meats Deluxe  

Smokey beef brisket, paired with tender Peking duck, seasoned chicken, pepperoni & sliced red  onion, all on a BBQ sauce base, topped with Hickory BBQ sauce & rocket garnish. 

Smokey Beef Brisket & Prawn  

Smokey beef brisket, parmesan, juicy prawns, diced tomato & red onion, topped with a drizzle of  hollandaise & rocket garnish. 

Crispy BBQ Peking Duck 

Generously topped with crispy, aromatic, BBQ Peking duck & slices of red onion, prepared on a BBQ  sauce base & garnished with spring onions.