Pringles new limited edition flavour tastes like Moa

trending 09/03/2021

Pringles is known to create some wacky flavours over in the US like prawn cocktail and seaweed but this next flavour is a little close to home with the Wavy Moa Burger.

This flavour is a collaboration with Microsoft that owns Halo. In Halo, the Moa is hunted for meat by humans and turned into nuggets, burgers and wings. In real life, the Moa lived in New Zealand for millions of years before humans came and they became extinct.

The Wavy Moa Burger chips taste like garlic, sweet ginger and beef and have a little bit of spice due to the red peppers and chilli. A real-life Moa probably wouldn’t taste like this but as they’re extinct, we’ll probably never know.

Before you rush to the supermarket to see how exactly one of our native flightless birds taste, these pringles are only available in the US. Come on Pringles, if anyone should find out how our birds taste surely it should be us! 

The Wavy Moa Burger chips are limited edition and out of all the delicious food collabs us kiwi’s miss out on, we aren’t too sad about missing out on tasting our own native Moa.