New study reveals some people "need more sleep" and are "born to nap"

trending 08/03/2021

This one's for the nappers!

According to a study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), needing a nap could be down to genetics, meaning some people are actually born to nap.

Researchers analysed the genetic information of 452,633 people, with some wearing an activity monitor to make sure they reported the naps accurately.

Three potential napping mechanisms were identified. The first two, "disrupted sleep" and "early morning awakening" refer to those who nap because they haven't had enough sleep the night before.

But the third mechanic, known as "sleep propensity", refer to those who just simply need more sleep. 

Dr Hassan Dashti said:

This tells us that daytime napping is biologically driven and not just an environmental or behavioural choice.

Well, ya can't argue with science 🤷‍♀️💤