Netflix teases new doco about that 'College Admissions Scandal'

Netflix 04/03/2021

Netflix has just released a trailer of their latest documentary, and its another good one!

The scandal of the fraudulent college admissions in America in 2019 is making it to the big screen, and we cant wait to see all the drama. This was the issue that famously had actress Lori Loughlin getting arrested.

The docu-series for 'Operation Varsity Blue: The College Admissions Scandal', is about the story of William 'Rick' Singer and his scheme of convincing wealthy parents to get their children into America's top colleges illegally. 

In the trailer above, you can see the series cuts between interviews, taped phone calls and raw footage, so it's very intriguing. The two creators behind it also were involved in the Fyre Festival documentary, as well as Tiger King, so count us in!

This will be released on Netflix from March 27th.