It took Olivia Rodrigo four times to get her drivers license

scandal 11/03/2021

Olivia Rodrigo has skyrocketed into the pop world thanks to her emotional record ‘Drivers License’ but it seems like her rise to fame was a lot faster than getting her actual license.

Olivia talked to Popcrush Nights and she confessed that it took four times for her to get her drivers license. Before you jump to conclusions and assume she’s a terrible driver it seems that it was a case of bad luck!

Her first test was cancelled because of covid and the second was due to scheduling conflicts with High School Musical The Musical: The Series. Olivia’s third attempt is the most heartbreaking, as her mum’s car was deemed unfit to drive because the horn wouldn’t work.

“I didn’t even get to drive out of the DMV I was so upset I literally like cried in the DMV parking lot. But the fourth time I got it, I got my drivers license”.

Looks like some things are worth waiting for as Olivia not only got her drivers license but she also broke the record for most streams for a song in a single week with her song Drivers License. Go, Olivia!