Genius jean hack to get rid of the gap in your waist without a belt

trending 08/03/2021

Tiktok seems to have life-hacks for everything from mashed potatoes made out of chips to using an ice cube to get rid of wrinkles in our clothes however this hack has been changing the game for pear-shaped jean lovers! 

If jeans fit you perfectly in the thigh but don’t seem to fit the waist be sure to watch this video:

Jordyn’s (Jordyn_acc) hack is as easy as looping her jeans button on the closest loop belt before doing it through the buttonhole. It is insanely easy and you won’t need to rely on any more bulky belts.

Girls around the world are thanking Jordyn for repairing their relationship with their fave jeans. Hopefully, the next big life hack will be how to make your jeans wider after eating too many McNuggets...