Beyond Meat will soon be served at takeaway giants like McDonald's

trending 03/03/2021

Vegan meat company Beyond Meat has just joined forces with the biggest takeaway joints in the world.

McDonald's will serve Beyond Meat as a meat alternative for the growing vegan culture. The company has a three-year global agreement with The McDonald's Corporation and will be the McPlant patty supplier. 

According to their press release, Beyond Meat will also partner with KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, so basically, they've got you covered for whatever takeaway you like!

Some of the fake meat they will be serving is plant-based pork, chicken, and egg, which is very cool. 

The brands CFO Chris Turner, said,

We're excited about the long-term potential plant-based protein menu items have to attract more customers to our brands, especially younger consumers,

While there is no arrival date here, the sooner this comes to NZ, the better.