McDonald’s Launches Ice-Blended Milo Drinks

scandal 30/03/2021

McDonald’s have just launched their new range of Ice-Blended Milo beverages and we feel robbed.

Here we were thinking that New Zealand held the title for country with the biggest concentrate of Milo drinkers… We were WRONG!

Launching at locations throughout Malaysia, Milo have teamed up with McDonald’s to create two new chilly beverages; An Ice Blended Milo and an Ice Blended Milo Latte.

The discovery that New Zealand, as of right now, will not be receiving this (essential) menu addition has been shocking and disappointing – And to make it even worse, Wikipedia states Malaysian citizens as the largest consumers of Milo in the world.

This feels like something the nation should care deeply about, and to cope with our eternal disappointment, we’re just going to head to Macca’s and order ourselves one of the New Zealand exclusive Banana Caramel Pie Mcflurry’s.