McDonald's 50 piece McNuggets sharebox is back in NZ to feed your nuggie lovin' soul

scandal 16/03/2021

If you've got dinner plans, you'd better cancel them because McDonald's NZ have brought back their gigantic 50 piece McNugget sharebox!

That's right, Mcdonald's have come to the rescue and announced today that the popular sharebox will be available again across the country from today.

The 50 piece McNuggets was first announced and introduced to the menu last year alongside the short return of McDonald's famous Szechaun Sauce.

The McNugget sauce was original made back in 1998 for a short time to promote Disney's Mulan. 

The sauce was in hot demand, quickly selling out of the 200,000 pottles that was released just weeks before the world was changed even quicker by a lil' thing called COVID.