Wife gifts husband screenshots of other women he's liked on instagram

scandal 15/02/2021

Gloria and her husband are incredibly light hearted and have a great sense of humour so Gloria did what any of us gal’s would do and had a bit too much fun…

She printed off photos of girl’s he’s liked on instagram that weren’t her and glued them onto wooden sticks to then attach them to a red box. Definitely what we call outside the box thinking!

The original video got 3.3 million likes and over 18.8 million views on Tiktok, hope Gloria was on Tiktok’s creators fund…

The comments were pretty mixed ranging from “is he not allowed to like other peoples posts” to “I mean he did like the pictures… I’m pretty sure he’d like the gift”. 

Luckily for us Gloria recorded her husband's reaction to the gift which was incredibly relaxed! “Oh very nice!” Despite all the comments of people commenting whether it’s toxic or not to care about your partner liking other photos it’s clear to us that this couple has a funny sense of humour! 

Good on Gloria and her husband for creating such a wacky gift and appreciating the sentiment of it! Talk about chill couple goals.