Unlikely place where cockroaches live revealed

trending 05/02/2021

Rebecca gave us a huge heads up on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, as she revealed that cockroaches could be living in your dishwasher! Gross.

Her son and daughter in law had cleaned their kitchen after their cockroach problem kept getting worse. Once they checked the dishwasher they discovered a bunch of cockroaches inside.

“If anyone has a cockroach problem and also has a dishwasher, try checking the bottom drawer of your dishwasher.”

Someone commented on the post revealing that they had gotten into the door panel and ruined the dishwashers electronics. 

Dishwashers are the perfect environment for roaches as there are typically tonnes of food scraps, water and has a good amount of moisture. Not only that but if you have an ant problem they could also be living in your dishwasher! 

Who would’ve guessed that one of our most convenient inventions could easily turn into one of our biggest nightmares! Looks like mum was right in hassling us to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.