Three titles for Spider-Man 3 have been released and we're confused...

scandal 24/02/2021

Three titles have been released to instagram by Zendaya, Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon but they’ve caused some confusion as they all released different names. Each of the three actors posted a different photo of the trio along with the different titles.

Spider-Man: Phone Home

Spiderman: Home Slice

Spiderman: Home-Wrecker

Fans are speculating these teasers could be indicating a multiverse storyline with the three separate titles after the success of the animated movie Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Others disagree saying that it seems it’s more likely the actors are just messing with us! It seems like even they are confused as they commented that they all need to have a word with director Jon Watts. Spider-man: Home Wrecker does sound pretty interesting though...

Who knows what’s going to be happening with this next stage of Marvel but we’re definitely excited to see all three actors back on screen again! The next Spiderman is scheduled to be released in December later this year.