Rebecca Black drops 'Friday' remix to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Watch 15/02/2021

We ALL remember Rebecca Black's viral tune 'Friday', and for its 10th anniversary, Black has bought it back to life with an upbeat, electronic remix.

The song was released back in February 2011 and was an instant hit, whether it be for the right or wrong reasons. The music video has racked up over 150 million views in the last decade. 

As reported by Newshub, Black spoke with The Project on Friday (lol, Friday) and discussed how the song changed her life.

I didn't expect my life to turn around the way it did.

Black was just 13 when the song was released, after her parents paid US$4000 to a record company for them to write and produce a song and music video for her. She was quickly targeted with ridicule, hate messages and even death threats.

"It's hard. The internet is hard, and the way that we treat ourselves and the way that we treat each other is not ideal the majority of the time...

"Whether you've got 20 followers or 20 million or 20,000, whatever it might be, if you are saying something that is true to yourself and is kind... then you're doing your best.

"As long as you're always willing to learn and keep growing and keep moving forward, then there's nothing wrong with that." 

These days Black is still making music, and has a successful YouTube channel and Tik Tok account, where she's discussed and even joked about the song multiple times.

The new remix is a definite spin on the original, watch it up top, and beware of the flashing lights warning!

P.S. We say good on you Rebecca, this time 10 years ago must've been blimmin difficult and nobody, let alone a 13 year old deserved to go through all of that hate!