New study says Dalmatians are the cutest dogs

trending 26/02/2021

Dalmatians have been crowned the cutest dogs in the world by a recent study

The decision was made by calculating measurements between key points on a dog's face and comparing them to the 'golden ratio' - a technique 100s of years old used to figure out how pleasing something is to the human ratio.

"There's often a lot of discussion about which pet is the cutest, so we were keen to leave it up to science to settle the debate once and for all." A spokesperson for the study said.

"The 'golden ratio' is an equation that has been used for hundreds of years, so it's hard to argue with the results and it was fascinating to see breeds such as Rottweilers or the Basset Hound being favoured by the laws of science."

"While Dalmatian owners might be feeling a little smug with the news, I'm sure cat people will be the most thrilled, as they now have the evidence to back themselves up, when telling dog lovers that their pet is in fact the cutest".

Do you think the Dalmatian is worthy of the top spot? Or is there another dog that you think should be No.1?