Last minute valentines date ideas in case you forgot

trending 12/02/2021

Valentines is here again and if this is the first you’re hearing about it, luckily for you we’re about to save you from spending Sunday in the dog-box.

These may not be the most romantic, thought out ideas but hey you’re the one who forgot to plan something in the first place...why else would you be reading this? Here are some last minute date ideas that won’t break the bank like a last minute $200 bouquet of roses... 

Go op-shopping together and find each other an outfit.

Whether you love or hate fashion, this is an easy date for any budget. The idea is to have a set budget for one another and go your separate ways in an op-shop. Find some cool or ridiculous clothes for your partner while they’re doing the same for you and you’ll have a new outfit in no time. Can’t really trust it to be a great outfit depending if your partner plays you dirty with some suspenders or not, but it’s still a bit of fun!

Take them to a pet play date.

If you’re wanting to add some extra *spice* into the relationship definitely head down to your local SPCA and passive aggressively mention how you’d love a cat. Whether you adopt or not, it’s pretty hot to donate money to charity! This is an easy way to figure out where you stand with them in future. But be warned this could put your relationship on paws...

Do the four course meal challenge together.

A 50/50 chance we can pick what dinner we want, we’re in! All you need to do for this dinner date is play paper scissors rock with your partner four times which makes up each course drinks, appetisers, mains and dessert. If you want to take this challenge a step further do it from home and make the loser make the dish that the winner wants! Incredibly easy (depending on what you’re cooking) and it makes dinner more fun.

Mcdelivery and movies.

They PROMISED you that they’d watch The Notebook with you yet they seem to have forgotten about it almost immediately after you’ve mentioned it. Seems pretty convenient… Why not be a bit cheeky and ask if you can put on a bit of Netflix and order yourself some Mcdelivery so neither of you have to leave the couch. A win, win scenario really.

Recreate your first ever date.

Unless you really believe in good first impressions, you probably didn’t spend too much money on your first date. If you want to be a little romantic why not recreate your first ever date? Whether it’s the coffee shop or a beach it takes almost no planning because you’ve already lived it once before. Déjà vu? More like the best valentine's day ever.

Have a slideshow night together.

Want to show how much someone means to you and enjoy a good slideshow?  This is an easy opportunity to either roast your partner with old embarrassing pics! It could be a great opportunity to remind them of how much of a prize you are. Or just present an argument about why you both should head to queenstown.

Whatever you end up doing on Valentines day just remember that it’s all about love! Whether it’s loving yourself, celebrating the love you have with your partner or just treating yourselves to chocolate and roses. Enjoy yourself this valentine's day!