Golden Gaytime and Coco Pops create the one of the best Aussie collaborations

trending 22/02/2021

One of the best collabs to ever happen in Aussie has been released today! Coco pops and Golden Gaytime or as us kiwi’s know it, Cookie Crumble in have combined forces to create two items, a cereal and an ice cream collab. The cereal is in Australian stores today and in march there will be ice cream available too!

Golden Gaytime has been killing it at the collab game lately as they recently partnered up to create Golden Gaytime popcorn a, their own line of crumbs and even a Golden Gaytime Easteregg. Yum!

“We know it’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own, so we’ve paired together the crumbly-goodness of our Gaytime, with the iconic Coco Pops flavour, to create both a cereal and ice cream you can have on your own, with a mate, or with the whole gang!”

There has been no news about whether these items will be coming in NZ, but we definitely hope it does! For now though we can try out their other spins on the Cookie Crumble such as the cookie crumble sammie or the cookie crumble unicorn.