Doctor claims that diet soda with alcohol makes you drunk faster

trending 02/02/2021

Science journalist and Tiktoker, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has taken Tiktok by storm by revealing that mixing alcohol with diet fizzy can actually get you drunker, faster.

His theory is that having alcohol with either diet or regular fizzy has the same amount of liquid alcohol but because our stomachs digest 2-3 calories a minute the diet mixed drink would process faster. 

“Your stomach expels the liquid at a fixed rate of around two-to-three calories a minute.”

“So a rum and diet coke will get out of your stomach, into the next section, where it gets absorbed faster, and the blood alcohol level will go up higher and it will do it sooner than a rum and regular coke.”

If you didn’t already love Dr Karl, he ended the Tiktok with a reminder to never drink on an empty stomach. You’ll also notice the photo in the background at the start of the video is him doing a shoey. Thanks Dr Karl not only have you earned our respect but you’ve also given us a great fact that'll we'll definitely use. Responsibly of course!