Billie Eilish found it hard to watch her own documentary

scandal 25/02/2021

Billie Eilish’s documentary ‘Billie Eilish: The World's A little Blurry’ will be released in New Zealand tomorrow and Billie is reminding people that this is just a sliver of her life, not all of it.

When talking to Stephen Cobert she confessed that after watching an artists documentary she felt as if she knew everything about them however she said "It's not all that was going on. There's a ton that isn't in there. It's pretty much me."

It was hard for Billie to sit down and watch herself as she found herself incredibly annoying. It took her five hours to watch a three hour cut of her documentary and despite how invasive filming was Billie is happy with how it turned out.

It's a weird way to live, but it was also fun and they were really respectful,

We’re excited to get more of a glimpse into Billie Eilish’s life and are excited to see The World’s a little blurry when it’s released tomorrow!