U.S Navy covers Taylor Swift sea shanty style

scandal 27/01/2021

2021 is the year of the sea shanty but the U.S Navy claim that they’ve been celebrating shanty style since 1775 and have released a Taylor Swift shanty cover.

‘We are never ever ever getting back together' has been parodied by the U.S navy and they also included a couple of lines from ‘I knew you were trouble’. Agree to disagree but these are the best two songs from Taylor’s Swift’s Red era! Good choice U.S Navy, you’ve already got us on board.

“You hide away and find your piece of mind, with some TikTok video that’s much cooler than mine”

It’s great to see the U.S Navy have a bit of light hearted fun taking such iconic songs and jumping onto the shanty trend. Maybe now when we think of the Navy it won’t just be all about the sea but the sea shanty!