Selena Gomez shocked at the smell of Vegemite

scandal 26/01/2021

Selena Gomez taste tested popular Australian foods on her show Selena+Chef and she’s definitely not going to be eating Vegemite anytime soon.

Australian chef Curtis Stone sent Selena some Aussie treats to try out including Tim Tams, Mint Slice, Vegemite, Violet Crumble and ANZAC biscuits.

Selena personally apologised to Australians for her reaction saying that it has nothing against her love of Australia. Luckily she was absolutely in love with the Anzac biscuit! 

If Selena ever tries out some Kiwi snacks we’ll be sure to let her know to have a thin spread of Marmite on toast instead of eating it right from the spoon. Don’t know about you but we certainly prefer our Kiwi classic Marmite over Aussies Vegemite anyday.