Study recommends taking at least 3 days to 'recover' after your holiday

trending 14/12/2020

If you don't complain about how tired you are after a holiday, did you even go away? 

Lets be honest, we've all thought we can make it in to work the same time we get back from a holiday but end up having to take a day off. 

However according to a new study, we actually need to take at least three days off to properly 'recover'.

The study of 2000 adults, carried out by OnePoll, found that for the majority of people, it takes at least 72 hours to get back into day-to-day life.

60% of those polled said the mornings were the hardest part about coming back from a holiday. 

The 'recovery' period was longer for breaks more than 2 weeks, with 4 days of sleeping and chilling out needed.

How good!